Using proper Google Shopping categories is crucial for the success of your campaign. Emarketing offers an easy and intuitive way to provide Google Shopping categories. As soon as you have mapped your Webshop categories to Google Shopping categories, all products included in a certain category will be assigned to the corresponding Google Shopping category. 

After your products were initially imported to emarketing, you should map your Webshop categories to Google Shopping categories:

  1.  In your emarketing account, open the "Integrations" menu:
  2. Next to "Shop system", click "Edit product data":
  3. Click "Category mapping of products":
  4. On the left side, your Webshop categories are listed, click "not assigned" on the right side to get recommendations for the category mapping (based on the name of your Webshop category):
  5. Choose the best match from the list of recommendations:
  6. Repeat this for all your Webshop categories.

Upload your products to Google

  1. When you are done with category mapping, click "Upload products":
  2. At the bottom of the page, click "Upload product data feed to Google":

Product approval

After your products were uploaded to Google, it takes up to 48 hours until Google has reviewed them. You can get information on the current status of the review in your emarketing account:

  1. Open the "Integrations" menu and click "Edit product data".  
  2. Open the "Upload products" tab.

If your products are still under review, you will see a "Pending validation" notification, the product status column will show "Pending":

Make sure to check the Shop system menu from time to time. You should see the result of the review no later than 24 hours after you uploaded your products to Google.

If your products passed the review successfully, the product status column will show "Approved". In case products were rejected, the status column will show "Rejected".

Fixing product issues / disapproved products

You can get detailed information on the reason(s) for products being rejected:

  • Click the name of a disapproved product to get more information on the reason of disapproval:

You must fix those issues in your shop system. After fixing the issues, import your products to emarketing and upload them to Google again, as described above. In case you are already running a Google Shopping campaign, you don't have to import and upload products manually, as this will happen every 24 hours.

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