Before advertising, make sure your shop falls under these criteria.

(1) Good Security: Protection 

Protecting your customers' data is a must - and having an 'HTTPS' is the way to do it. 

You can order the basic version of this certificate (named SSL-Certificate) from your shop provider or your Internet service provider. 

This protection does not only help you with your ads, but also creates a higher security standard for personal customer data. More good news - SSL protected shops get a higher ranking in commercial google searches.

Get your SSL-Certificate...

(2) Transparent Information

Google checks descriptions, titles, and details for products and sites transparently. Make sure to include this information in your store:

  • General terms
  • Imprint, including all legally required information
  • Shipping costs & lead time
  • Return Policy
  • Privacy Policy

Prerequisites for Setting Up Google Shopping Campaign

What you need: 

*These accounts are created upon sign up with emarketing

Google Site Verification (5 minutes)

Google needs to verify your site in order to advertise. There are different ways of doing this.

(1) Download and install the HTML tag available from the GMC
*easiest option if you host your own site

(2) Use Google Analytics tracking code
*easiest option for shop-platform users

(3) Use Google Tag manager to create a container with the GMC snippet 

Read article from Google

Congrats! 🎉 You've verified your site. Now it's time to upload your products, make your first campaign, and monitor your results.


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