Each ecommerce shop has it's own categories and attributes (like color or size of item). In order to advertise with Google Ads (and use emarketing), you need to match your stores categories and attributes with Google. No worries - this one is pretty simple. 

First step is to go to the emarketing integrations page and click 'Edit Product Data', which uploads your products. 

Next, you'll see a window that automatically imports your products. After you import your products, you'll get to the "Configuration" step. Here is where you match your stores' categories to Google's so that they can advertise your product above the correct search results. 

Match your store's categories to Google's here. This can get a bit confusing, so the Data Feed Watch blog created a great article on how to map your categories without going crazy

Here's what you need to know

  • Setting the right Google Product Category helps Google to understand what type of products you are selling & match them with the right search query/help them compete with similar products
  • Google has made a full list of the categories in your language, you can download that here
  • In 2011, Google updated this list. For the most updated list of the full categories, check out the Google guide

Some Examples

One last thing...

Make sure to check up on your products (it can take up to 24 hours for Google to check them). If there are disapproved products, you can fix the issues and resubmit.

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