When you upload your products, you may see that after the Google review, you had some products that were disapproved. Here is a list with reasons why your products might get disapproved. 

Want to fix these issues? You can fix disapprovals by editing or adding data to your shop in your shop system. 

1. The top reason for disapproved products is Missing Product Identifiers

That means your products do not have GTINs, MPNs, Brand names, and so on. Google requires at least 2 of these 3 attributes to be on the feed – Brand, GTIN and MPN.

2. Another reason for disapproval is a generic image.

 Even if your products have specialized images, Google might disapprove your product if they think it looks like it's generic. Here is a Google guide on how to make a product image that will be approved.

3. Title 

The product’s title needs to be described accurately to ensure you get the best chance to appear for the right search. It’s always good to include a feature of the product.

4. Description

Google gives you a limit of 5000 characters to describe your product. Make use of the opportunity by describing the visual attributes of your products in a way that would make it standout without exaggerating. 

5. Google Product Category

The Google Product Taxonomy is a tree of categories that will help you generate values for the ‘Google Product Category’ attribute. In simple terms, this means Google has a structure of the list of all the products. This helps classify the product to a particular taxonomy. For more information see the list here.

6. Link

This is a link to your product page. It’s a URL that directs you to the product page containing the product as loaded from the feed.

7. Image Link

Similar to the above link, this URL leads you to the image of the product. It’s highly recommended that you use the correct image dimensions as requested by the shopping platform. Google recommends 800x800pixels and it should be a clear image of the product.

8. Price

All prices should be inclusive-VAT to avoid price discrepancies. You should ensure the final prices correspond to the stated price on the feed.

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