With PrestaShop Ads you can run Google's most sophisticated Shopping campaign type, the Google Smart Shopping Campaign (SSC).

SSC are based on machine-learning algorithms. All click prices and also the campaign targeting are set automatically, using Google's advanced algorithms. 

SSC are optimized for generating the best ROAS possible (Return-on-Advertising-Spend; factor describing how much revenue is generated by your ad spend. E.g.: A ROAS of 10 means that your campaign generated €10.- revenue by spending €1.- for displaying ads).

Running a SSC means that you do not have to worry about campaign settings anymore. You just have to upload your products to Google, create the SSC, set your daily budget and watch conversions come in.

NOTE: You can setup a SSC as soon as you have connected PrestaShop Ads to Google Ads and Merchant Center (described here if you use your existing Google Ads account or here if you want PrestaShop Ads to create a new Google Ads account for you). 

Keep in mind that you must have approved products in your Google Merchant Center before the campaign will start delivering ads. If you did not import/upload your products yet, click here to learn how to do this. 

Setting up a Google Smart Shopping Campaign

  • On the main page of your PrestaShop Ads account, search for the Google Ads tile and click Start:
  • Scroll down and click Create Campaign:
  • Fill in the campaign setup form: 
  • Name: Enter any name for the campaign. 
  • Daily budget : Set your ad spend budget for the campaign.
    NOTE: The daily budget is the maximum amount that will be spend by your campaign per day. Google's smart algorithms will handle the daily ad spend adaptively. This means that the campaign will not spend the complete daily budget on days where Google calculates a low probability for conversions. On days where Google assumes a good conversion rate, the daily ad spend can exceed the daily budget you have set. Google will never overcharge you, at the end of a month the maximum ad spend will be 30,4 x daily budget set.
  • Max. CPC: You can ignore this, set any value (maximum click price for clicks on your ads, this is obsolete and will be set automatically, the setting will be removed soon). 
  • Priority: Choose any value, this is also obsolete and will be removed soon.
  • Filter-set: This is a new function which allows you which products should be advertised in your campaign. Leave that field empty to advertise all products. Note: A documentation for setting up filter-sets will be provided soon.
  • Click Save (top-right corner of the page).
  • The new campaign will be shown as a tile:

Edit / Activate / Deactivate campaign

  • If you want to change the auto-generated name of your SSC, edit the daily budget or pause the campaign, click the campaign tile top open the campaign settings page.
  • Save your changes by clicking Save (top-right corner of the page):
  • To delete a campaign, click the Trashcan icon (top-right corner of the page):
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