With PrestaShop Ads you can setup separate Google Smart Shopping campaigns for different target countries. If you sell your products abroad and you want to promote your products on foreign markets, you must setup a campaign for each of your target countries. A separate Ad spend budget can be set per campaign.

NOTE: Some product data, such as product title and description must be available in the language of your target country in PrestaShop. Also the currency of the target country must be supported in your Webshop. For some countries it is allowed to provide product data in English instead of using the language of the target country. More information about supported languages for each country can be found here.

Setting up Google Smart Shopping campaigns for multiple target countries

Before you can setup additional campaigns for foreign countries, please switch your PrestaShop Ads account to the desired target country:

  • At the top-right-corner click the gear icon to open the settings menu. Choose My Account:

  • Click the flag of the country that you would like to target with your campaign:

NOTE: You must configure all target countries in the Product Upload Flow of your PrestaShop Ads account properly. This is described here. Country flags will only be shown if the products you uploaded were approved in your Google Merchant Center.

  • Clicking a flag icon switches your complete PrestaShop Ads account to the desired country. You can see which country is currently activated by clicking the gear icon at the top-right-corner: 

  • After you have selected the right country, you can setup a Google Smart Shopping campaign for that country. The process of setting up the campaign is described here.

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