After you have installed the emarketing app for Shopify app and created your emarketing account, you must connect Google Ads and Google Merchant Center to emarketing. Connecting Google Ads / Merchant Center will complete the signup process and you will be ready to advertise on Google Shopping!

NOTE: Even if you want to advertise on Facebook / Instagram only, a connection to Google Ads and Merchant Center is required, as Google Merchant Center will be used as central product data base. That doesn't mean you have to advertise on Google!

If you do not use Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts yet, you can let emarketing create them for you. The Google accounts you create will automatically be connected to emarketing. 

NOTE: If you have created a Google Ads account through emarketing, check your Google account E-Mail inbox! 

Google will send you an invitation to claim the new Google Ads account created for you. This E-Mail will be sent to your Google E-Mail account. It contains a link, just click the link to log in to the Google Ads account. 

After logging in to the Google Ads account, follow on-screen-instructions to setup payment information for your Google Ad Spend. If you do not setup payment information, your campaigns will not start to deliver ads! 

Create Google Ads & Merchant Center accounts

  • In your emarketing account, click Link Google Account now:

  • Click Sign in with Google:

  • Click the Google account you would like to use with emarketing. If the desired account is not shown, click Use another account:

NOTE: If you do not have a Google user account yet, choose Use another account, then click Create account. Follow the on-screen-instructions to setup your new Google user account. As soon as you have created that account, proceed with the steps below.

  • Log in to your Google user account by entering your login credentials. 

  • Click Create new Google Ads account:

  • Select the desired target country for your Google Ads account from the drop-down list and click Continue:

NOTE: The target country determines some of the settings in the Google Ads account to be created. You should choose the country where your business is located. Target country does not mean the country where you want to show your Google Shopping Ads. This can be configured later in your emarketing account.

  • Click Create new to setup a new Google Merchant Center:

  • Click Continue to finish the setup process:

Congratulations! You successfully connected your Google Ads and Merchant Center to emarketing. Now your emarketing account is connected to the emarketing app for Shopify.

Next step is to choose your emarketing subscription plan. As soon as you have subscribed to a a plan, your emarketing account is ready for action.

Click here to learn how to subscribe to emarketing.

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