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Learn how to connect Facebook & Instagram to emarketing

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With emarketing you can setup Facebook & Instagram Retargeting campaigns without any expert knowledge about Facebook Ads or Facebook Business Manager. All you need is a Facebook Ads or Business Manager account which must be connected to emarketing. 

emarketing will automatically generate and upload the product catalogue required for your Facebook / Instagram Retargeting campaigns.

Facebook Retargeting Ads will be shown to users who visited your Webshop before. By using the look-a-like feature you can also target users who are similar to those users who have already visited your Webshop. This extends the range of your ads while still offering precise user targeting.

NOTE: In order to connect your Facebook ad / Business Manager account, you must have a Google Merchant Center with approved products. The Google Shopping data feed is used as basis for all other ad platforms you can access with emarketing. This does not mean that you have to advertise on Google. Please make sure to connect Google Ads and Merchant Center to emarketing (you can let emarketing create those accounts for you, if you don't use them yet). 

Requirements for running Facebook / Instagram campagins through your emarketing account

  • Active Facebook profile (with Facebook Ad / Business Manager account connected to that Facebook profile)

  • Facebook Pixel (Basis and Conversion Pixel) was created in Facebook Ad / Business Manager and properly installed to your Webshop. More information on creating / installing those pixels can be found here.

  • Google Merchant Center with approved products connected to emarketing

Connecting your Facebook Ads / Business Manager acccount to emarketing

Please make sure you meet the requirements mentioned above before you try to connect Facebook to emarketing.

  • In your emarketing account, click Link account (below the Facebook / Instagram tile): 

  • Click Authorize Facebook:

NOTE: In case the Authorize Facebook button is greyed out and not clickable, one of the requirements mentioned above is not met. Please make sure you successfully connected a Google Merchant Center containing approved products before you try to connect Facebook.

  • Enter your Facebook login credentials to authorize access:

  • If your Facebook profile has access to multiple Facebook Ads accounts, select the desired account from the drop-down list, then click Connect:

  • Click Manage Campaigns to setup your first Facebook / Instagram Retargeting campaign:

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