With PrestaShop Ads you can create Product Filter Sets which are used to create different subsets of your product portfolio. A Product Filter Set can combine different filters and then be applied to a campaign. That campaign will only advertise products included in the Filter Set applied to the campaign. 

You can setup Smart filters, based on certain product performance metrics or other product information. Or you can manually select products to be included / excluded from your product portfolio. 

Smart Filters are automated and dynamic. E.g.: If you setup a filter which includes new products only, it will update the product selection on a daily basis. New products in your shop system will be pushed to your Filter Set automatically.

You can also use the results from PrestaShop Ads unique price comparison feature for filtering your products. E.g.: You could setup a smart filter which includes only products you offer at the best price on Google Shopping. As soon as you activated a campaign using that best price filter, PrestaShop Ads will check your competitor prices automatically once within 24 hours and update your product selection based on the results of the price comparison.
NOTE: The price comparison feature relies on unique product identifiers (GTIN = EAN, UPC, JAN, ISBN). If you do not have GTIN for your products, you can not use the price comparison.

You can setup multiple Product Filter Sets, each set should contain different products. This enables you to setup dedicated ad campaigns for certain marketing purposes.

Create a Product Filter Set

  • In your emarketing account, clickTools -> Value Added Tools -> Product selection -> Start:
  • At the top-right-corner click Filter:
  • Click Add Filter-set:
  • Enter any name for your Filter Set:
  • Select one (or more) filters from the left window that you would like to use with your Filter Set, for this example the Best Price filter is used:
  • Your selected filters will be shown at Edit Filter-set (right window):
  • Some filters have to be configured after adding them to your set. E.g. the Best Price filter has two configuration options. You might want to set a value for filter tolerance. By setting a filter tolerance you can include products that you are not offering at the best price, but where the difference between your price and the cheapest competitor price does not exceed the entered value (in percent). You can also choose to ignore shipping costs for the price comparison.
  • As soon as you are satisfied with your filter selection and configuration click Save Filter-set
  • Your new Filter Set will be shown in the Filter-set Overview:
  • If you want to see the products selected by a Filter set, click the burger menu (three vertical points) right to the Filter Set name and select Filter Productlist from the drop-down:
  • The main window shows all products contained in that set:
  • You can check if the desired products are contained in your set by using the search box above the product list:
  • You can apply a Filter Set either to existing campaigns, or create new campaigns using a Filter Set. Click here to learn more about campaign creation.
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