Your emarketing account offers a unique function to compare your sales prices with those of the competition on Google Shopping and Amazon. In order for the price comparison to be carried out, your products must have unique product codes (GTIN = Global Trade Identification Number, e.g. EAN, ISBN, UPC JAN).

The price comparison shows you both the cheapest competitor found for each product and the name of the respective competitor.

You can carry out the price comparison manually, the data can be called up once within 24 hours. In addition, the price comparison can be used automatically to exclude products from the application that they do not offer at the cheapest price.

Possible use cases

Manual import and use within the product list

You can view the results of the price comparison in the product list and download it as a CSV file (e.g. for further use with a spreadsheet calculation software).

Automated inclusion / exlusion with Smart Filters

The price comparison data can be used to set up a Smart Filter. As soon as the Smart Filter has been configured and applied to a shopping campaign, the price comparison is automatically carried out daily. Based on the results, products that are offered cheaper by competitors are excluded from the application. In this way, your advertising budget is concentrated on competitive items, which generally contributes to a significant improvement in the cost / revenue ratio. You can define a tolerance in percent, so that products are only excluded if the difference to the cheapest competitor exceeds the specified percentage.

Use the price comparison

Manual use

  • On the start page of your account, open the Product Overview tool by clicking on Start (if you are not on the start page, click on Tools in the top left):

  • Click the Update data button in the top right:

NOTE: Depending on the number of products to be queried and server load, data retrieval can take between a few seconds and a few hours. In the meantime, you can log out and view the results later.

If the button is greyed out, the last call was made less than 24 hours ago. The data can only be called up once within 24 hours; the button is reactivated 24 hours after the last call.

The results are displayed directly in the product list:

  • To download all price comparison and performance data  click on CSV Download in the top right.

Automatic campaign control through Smart Filters

In order to use the price comparison data automatically to control a Google Smart Shopping Campaign, the following steps must be carried out:

  • Set up a product filter set using the Smart Filter Best Price. This is described here.

  • Application of the created product filter set to a Google Shopping campaign. The creation and configuration of a campaign is described here.

NOTE: Once you've set up the product filter set and applied it to a campaign, the price comparison data is automatically retrieved every 24 hours. The Smart Filter then excludes all products from the application that are offered cheaper by competitors (or where the deviation from the cheapest offer exceeds the percentage value you specified in the filter). If the next price comparison does not find a cheaper offer for a previously excluded product, the article is reactivated for advertisement.

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