Page Speed

The term "page speed" describes the speed of a website in terms of its loading time. The loading time measures the time between the submission and the subsequent delivery or usability of the requested content.

The page speed of websites is, among other things, an important indicator of the quality of the user experience, which in turn influences the positioning of websites within search engines. For many years, the loading time was also said to have a direct effect on Google's ranking. In 2018, the search engine leader officially declared it a ranking factor.

If Google ranks a website due to insufficient page speed, this can have a direct influence on the performance of your campaigns. You can test the page speed of your website free of charge here:

Pricing models for online advertising

Advertising is paid differently on the Internet than offline. You should be familiar with the following terms:

CPC - Cost per Click (CPC)

PPC - payment per click (Pay per Click)

CPA - Cost per conversion (Cost-per-acquisition)

CPM - Cost per 1000 contacts (Cost Per Mille)

Product data feed

The product data feed refers to a data record that contains all information about an item, such as product name and description, price and link in a specific form. This data is used for various online platforms and product search engines, such as Google Shopping, on which products are offered for sale on the web.

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