Create feed file for Cost of Goods

  • Make sure to provide values for Cost of Goods in your Shopify backend. When editing products, add the value for Cost of Goods to Shopify attribute “Cost per item”:

  • In your emarketing account, navigate to Repricing by Google:

  • Click Generate Cost of Goods:

  • The emarketing app will create a CSV file containing product IDs and Cost of Goods values for all products where you have provided a value for “Cost per item” in Shopify backend.

  • After the file was created you will receive a URL containing the file location:

  • Copy the URL.

  • Log in to your Google Merchant Center. Make sure you have administrative rights. From the main menu to the left, select Products -> Feeds:

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  • Click Add supplemental feed:

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  • Name your feed and choose an input method. You can use any name, choose Scheduled fetch as input method:

  • For File name enter the name of the feed file (it’s the last part of the URL you copied from emarketing, behind the last slash). For File URL enter the URL you have copied from emarketing:

  • Click Continue.

  • Select your main product feed and target country, click Create feed:

    Note: Your supplemental feed will be processed at the time you have chosen. Cost of Goods values will be added to your product data in Merchant Center.

  • After the supplemental feed was processed, head back to your emarketing account.

  • From the main menu choose Products:

  • At the top-right corner, click Update data:

  • Your product data will be imported from Merchant Center, including Cost of Goods.

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