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Google CSS subscription

Information about the benefits of the Google CSS program

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What is Google CSS?

CSS stands for Comparison Shopping Service (price comparison platform). Price comparison platforms can become Google CSS Partners and give their customers who advertise on Google Shopping a monetary advantage over the competition.

As a Google Premier Partner, emarketing can offer you the benefits of the Google CSS program. With CSS you can save 20% on advertising costs or significantly improve the performance of your Google Shopping / Performance Max campaigns at the same cost.

How does Google CSS work?

You do not get a discount on the click prices (CPC) of your Shopping/Performance Max campaigns via Google CSS, as often mistakenly assumed. The CPC set by you or calculated by the bidding algorithms remains unchanged, but the CPC bid is increased by 20% through CSS without you having to pay this increase.

So if your Shopping campaign has a click price bid of €0.60 for an ad placement, this bid will be increased to €0.72 when using CSS. This gives your ad a better ad rank and increased visibility, significantly increasing the likelihood of a click and ultimately a sale. If the click occurs, you pay only €0.60.

In most cases, these higher click prices lead to significantly higher sales while keeping costs the same. Alternatively, you can also reduce your advertising budget, because of the increased click prices through the CSS program, you often still achieve the same or even better sales.

How can I use Google CSS?

We offer all online merchants within the EU who have a Google Merchant Center to join the emarketing Google CSS program. It is not a requirement that you are a customer using our software platform and already have a subscription for it. Our existing customers can book the CSS option in addition to their existing subscription.

What does it cost?

For existing emarketing customers as well as for customers who only want to use the CSS program, the Google CSS subscription costs €39.- / month (incl. VAT). There is no minimum contract period, the subscription can be canceled monthly.

Google CSS subscription for existing emarketing customers

  • Log in to your emarketing account.

  • Open the Subscriptions & Prices overview page.

  • Select the Google CSS subscription and complete it via PayPal or credit card.

Google CSS Abonnement ohne Nutzung sonstiger emarketing Services

  • Click here to be redirected to the emarketing homepage.

  • On the homepage, click Start Now in the upper right corner:

  • Create an emarketing account.

  • In your emarketing account, open the settings menu at the top right and select Subscriptions:

  • Select the Google CSS subscription and subscribe to it via PayPal or credit card.

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