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Setup a Facebook / Instagram campaign
Setup a Facebook / Instagram campaign

Learn how to setup a Retargeting campaign on Facebook / Instagram with optional look-a-like or broad audience

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With emarketing you can advertise your products on Facebook & Instagram easily. Currently Retargeting campagins, Retargeting + Lookalike campagins and Dynamic Product Ads are supported. Retargeting means your ads will be shown to users who formerly visited your webshop. If those users viewed product pages, ads for those products can be shown in their Facebook / Instagram accounts. Lookalike campaigns are used to search for users on Facebook who are similar in behaviour to the people from the data source. Dynamic Product Ads take the product catalog that you upload and leverages behavioral information about users to automatically determine which products should be featured in the ads they see in their feed.

emarketing will upload your product catalogue to Facebook / Instagram automatically and refresh the product data every day.

Please make sure to meet all requirements described here before you setup your campaign.

Setting up the campaign

After connecting your Facebook Ads / Business manager account to emarketing, you can setup your first campaign.

  • In your emarketing account, click the Facebook / Instagram tile:

  • Click Create Campaign:

  • Fill in the campaign setup form:

  • Daily budget: Set your ad spend budget for the campaign.

  • Name: Enter any name for your campaign.

  • Select Product Filter: If you want to advertise all products (recommended) choose No Filter / All Products from the menu. If you want to advertise a selection of products, you can use a Filter-set that you have created before. In case you did not create a Filter-set before, you can click Create Smart Filter to open the Filter-set menu. More information on creating Filter-sets can be found here.

  • Page Id: In case you connected a Facebook Business Manager account, all Ad accounts from this account will be offered. Choose the desired account from the drop-down list.

  • Remarketing Pixel: Choose your Facebook Pixel for registering Conversions and other Performance metrics for your campaign.
    โ€‹NOTE: You must have created the Facebook Pixel in your Facebook Ads account. The Pixel must also have been installed properly to your Webshop. Information on how to create and install the Facebook Pixel can be found here.

  • Campaign type: Choose if you want to create a standard Retargeting campaign or if you would like to create a Retargeting campaign with look-a-like audience. The third option is Dynamic Product Ads. Find our more about the different campaign types!
    โ€‹NOTE: A standard Retargeting campaign will deliver ads to users who have visited your Webshop before. Retargeting + look-a-like will deliver ads to users who have visited your Webshop and to users whose Facebook profiles are similar to the profiles of your Webshop visitors. Using look-a-like will extend the range of your Retargeting campaign. Please be aware that look-a-like requires at least 100 users on your Facebook Retargeting list. If you don't have enough users on the list creating a Retargeting campaign with look-a-like will fail and present you a warning. In that case create a standard Retargeting campaign first and let it run for some weeks. As soon as you have collected enough users you can use the look-a-like feature.

  • Click Create Campaign (lower-right-corner) to create your new campaign:

NOTE: It might take some days until your campaign starts delivering ads. This is due to the nature of Retargeting campaigns which show ads to visitors of your Webshop: Before ads can be delivered, some Facebook / Instagram users must have visited your Webshop. The longer the campaign is active, the more ads it can deliver.

Edit / Activate / Deactivate / Delete campaigns

  • In your emarketing account Click Platforms -> Facebook / Instagram:

  • Scroll down to emarketing campaigns.

  • Click the campaign tile to open the campaign editor:

  • Make your changes and click Save Changes (lower-right-corner).

  • To pause a campaign, click the campaign tile and change the status from Campaign active to Campaign paused:

  • To delete a campaign, click the three dots Trashcan icon (top-right-corner of the campaign tile) and confirm the security request by clicking Delete.

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