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emarketing Service Plans

Information on the services and prices of the various emarketing subscriptions

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After registering with emarketing, a subscription must be taken out for your new account. Without a subscription, you can already set up the source for a product data import and perform an import to familiarize yourself with the system and assess its suitability for your business.

To use emarketing services, such as creating / managing campaigns on Google Shopping, Facebook / Instagram or Microsoft Advertising, uploading product data to these platforms or any other service, you need to choose and book a subscription plan. There are three standard plans to choose from, as detailed below. In addition, we can create an individual, customized plan for you if none of the standard plans offered meet your needs. Each subscription can be cancelled on a monthly basis, there is no minimum contract period and there are no setup fees.

All subscriptions are purchased via PayPal or credit card payment and can be managed through your PayPal account or emarketing account.

A tabular overview of all services included in the various subscription plans can be found here

Available subscriptions

The currently available standard subscriptions cover different areas of use. Each subscription includes the use of the free emarketing plugin. The emarketing plugin ensures the smooth and automatic import of product data from your store system into the emarketing account and automatically installs the conversion tracking for Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads and Microsoft Advertising in your store system. The emarketing plugins can be found in the plugin stores of the respective store systems. You can find information about the available plugins here. If no plugin is available for your store system, you can still use emarketing. In this case, your product data can be obtained via a CSV file provided by you or from a Google Merchant Center.

emarketing Service Plans

The following subscriptions enable the use of the emarketing Cloud software. All subscriptions include the emarketing plugin for generating a product data feed and conversion tracking.

Subscription Data Feed Manager: €269.- / month

This subscription is for users who want to use the emarketing data feed manager for the automatic import of your products as well as the optimization of the product data and its upload to platforms such as Google, Meta or Microsoft. Also included is the creation of product groups (filtering of products for granular control of your advertising campaigns), the creation and optimization of campaigns on the aforementioned platforms, and the use of analysis tools. Soon it will be possible to export individual feed files in CSV format via the data feed manager, which can be used to upload your products to almost any advertising or price comparison platform.

Subscription Data Feed Manager + Price Comparison: €349.- / month

This subscription includes all services of the Data Feed Manager subscription. In addition, you will receive price comparison data of your competitors on Google Shopping once a week. The data can be used in emarketing, for example, to control campaigns, you can use it to create product groups that only contain products that you offer at an attractive price and set up campaigns that automatically promote only these products. We also provide the price comparison data for download as a CSV file for further use.

Subscription Data Feed Manager + Dynamic Repricing: €499.- / month

This subscription includes all the services of the Data Feed Manager + Price Comparison subscription. In addition, it includes the Dynamic Repricing function from emarketing. Based on the price comparison data determined, the prices in your web store can be adjusted automatically. There are various repricing strategies to choose from, allowing you to define whether your products should always be offered at the lowest price or whether pricing should be based on the price average of competitors, for example. Using the emarketing product groups, you can create any number of repricing jobs with different repricing strategies. Of course, you define the underprice limit that the system must not fall below.

Plugins for the following store systems are available for Dynamic Repricing:

  • JTL 4

  • JTL 5

  • plentymarkets

  • Shopware 5

  • Shopware 6

  • coming soon: PrestaShop

  • Use with any store or merchandise management system via CSV files

When using one of these plugins, all processes, from importing your product data to writing the calculated prices into the store database, are fully automated. This eliminates any setup effort on your side, you don't have to deal with importing the calculated price data and processing it in the merchandise management system, as is the case with most other repricing solutions. In addition, there is no effort for the provision of the product data via a CSV file to be generated by you. The newly calculated prices are automatically transferred to all connected advertising platforms to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.

If you use a store system for which no emarketing plugin is offered, Dynamic Repricing can still be used. emarketing creates a CSV file for each of your repricing jobs with the prices calculated by the system, which you can retrieve via a URL and import into your store system / merchandise management system for further processing.

For more information about Dynamic Repricing please contact our sales team.

Custom subscriptions

If you need individual services, e.g. repricing for more or less than 2,500 products, or a more frequent update frequency (e.g. daily), please contact our sales team, - we will be happy to provide you with a customized offer.

Additional services

Subscription Google CSS: €39.- / month

The Google CSS subscription can be added to any emarketing service plan. In addition, it can also be booked individually, you do not need to sign up for an emarketing service plan to take advantage of the Google CSS program. Any online merchant with a Google Merchant Center and Shopping or Performance Max campaign promoting products in the EU can book the CSS subscription.

With Google CSS you increase the effectiveness of your PLA ads, detailed information on how Google CSS works can be found here.

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