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Configuration for Google Benchmark & Suggested Prices
Configuration for Google Benchmark & Suggested Prices

This article describes how to grant emarketing access to your Merchant Center and configure the collection of data

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In addition to Google Shopping price data, which is crawled on the basis of the product EAN (GTIN), emarketing offers you prices calculated by Google as a further source of price comparison data. Based on performance data and numerous other parameters, Google calculates a recommended price for your products. In addition, a forecast is provided for the development of clicks, ad impressions and sales (conversions) for each product to which you apply Google's recommended price. This data is obtained from your Google Merchant Center via API and can then be used for automatic repricing.

In order for emarketing to collect and use the data for you, you must complete the following steps:

  • Adding an emarketing user to your Google Merchant Center

  • Providing your Google Merchant Center ID

  • Configure the collection time for the Google price data (collection then takes place daily at this time)

Adding an emarketing user to your Google Merchant Center

  • Log in to the Google Merchant Center from which emarketing should obtain the data with a Google user account that has administration rights for the Merchant Center.

  • Add a new user in the Google Merchant Center, standard rights are sufficient. Add the new user with the e-mail address [email protected]. Click here for detailed instructions on adding users in the Google Merchant Center.

Configuration of data collection in the emarketing account

  • Enter the ID of your Merchant Center in the emarketing account:

TIP: You can find the ID in the Merchant Center at the top right:

  • Select the time at which emarketing should retrieve the price data from the Merchant Center. The data is then updated every day at this time:

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