You can use the emarketing platform with or without an emarketing plugin. When using one of our plugins (modules / apps / extensions), the plugin will automatically generate and upload the product data feeds required for advertising on platforms like Google Shopping or Facebook / Instagram.

As soon as there's at least one active campaign in your emarketing account, the product data feed will be refreshed and uploaded on a daily basis.

Furthermore, the plugins will setup Google Global Site Tag, Google Conversion Tracking and Google Remarketing Tags automatically and install them to your Shop Frontend. In summary: The emarketing plugins will make sure all technical requirements for advertising on Google Shopping and Facebook / Instagram are met.

You are already running a Google Merchant Center with approved products and your Google tracking was setup properly? In that case you can use emarketing without having to install the emarketing plugin. Product data will be fetched from your Google Merchant Center as soon as you connected it to your emarketing account. In that constellation you will have to take care of your data feed and make sure that it contains approved products.

If you want to run Google Smart Shopping campaigns (SSC) you must also take care of proper installation of Google Global Site Tag, Google conversion tracking and Google Remarketing tags to your Shop frontend.

Click one of the links below to learn more about using emarketing with / without plugin:

Use emarketing with Plugin
Use emarketing without Plugin

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