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Using emarketing without a plugin
Using emarketing without a plugin

Registering with emarketing

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To use emarketing without a plugin, all you need to do is create an emarketing account. You can then connect your existing advertising accounts (Google Ads & Merchant Center, Meta Business Manager, Microsoft Advertising account) to emarketing.

If no emarketing plugin is used to import product data, it can be imported via a connected Google Merchant Center or a CSV file provided by you. Product data imported in this way can then be optimized via the emarketing Data Feed Manager and uploaded to all connected advertising platforms. For example, if you have a Google Merchant Center with active products and connect it to emarketing, these products can also be used for advertising campaigns on Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Microsoft Advertising. emarketing ensures that the product data is provided in the structure required by the respective platform and updates the data daily.

Registering with emarketing

  • Enter an E-Mail address that will be used as login address.

  • Accept the General Terms & Conditions by checking the corresponding box.

  • Click Start Now:

  • Your account will created and you will be logged in automatically.

After your new emarketing account has been created, you will be logged in automatically. You will receive an email at the address you provided, asking you to set a password to access your new account.

In the next step you should configure a source for importing your product data.

Click herefor more information about this.

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