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Using emarketing with Plugin
Using emarketing with Plugin

Learn how to download and install the emarketing plugin & how to register your emarketing account through the plugin

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emarketing plugins (apps / modules / extensions) are available for the following shop sytems free-of-charge. They can be downloaded through the corresponding plugin / app stores of the shop system.ย 

If you want to use the emarketing platform with one of our plugins, please install the plugin prior to registering your emarketing account. As soon as the plugin was installed you can simply create your emarketing account from within the plugin in your shop system's backend.

Download the emarketing plugin

NOTE: Magento users must register their emarketing account first through the emarketing website. A shop token will then be provided within the account, this token must be entered into the corresponding field of the Magento extension manually.

After successful installation of the plugin, open the plugin in your shop backend and start the registration process.

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