If you are already running a Google Merchant Center containing approved products and Google tracking (Global Site Tag, Remarketing Tags, Conversion Tracking) was properly setup and installed to your Shop frontend, you can use emarketing's services without having to install an emarketing plugin.

In case you want to use emarketing without plugin, you just have to register your emarketing account through our homepage. After that, connect your existing Google Ads and Merchant Center accounts to emarketing. Product data will then be downloaded from your Merchant Center and you can use all emarketing services.

Registering with emarketing / Connecting Google Ads & Merchant Center

  • Enter an E-Mail address that will be used as login address.

  • Accept the General Terms & Conditions by checking the corresponding box.

  • Click Start Now:

  • Your account will created and you will be logged in automatically.

Next step is to connect Google Ads and Merchant Center. Click here for more information about connecting those accounts.

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