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What is Google's CSS programme?

Google Shopping CSS was launched in response to a decision by the European Commission. Google used the search results page exclusively for its own offers; other price comparisons only appeared much further down in the search results. The European Commission found this to be unfair competition.

Since the introduction of the CSS programme, retailers can also appear in Google Shopping search results by registering with a price comparison site that is approved as a Google CSS partner.

Ads placed by a Google CSS Partner will be displayed like any other Google Shopping ad. However, instead of seeing " From Google" under the ad, you will now see " From + the name of the relevant comparison site" (in our case Adstrong).

As a merchant, using Google CSS Partners in particular has one big advantage:

With the CSS programme, you receive a 20% discount on the click prices for your Google Shopping campaigns.

How can I participate in the programme?

emarketing offers you the opportunity to participate in the CSS programme and save 20% on your click prices. However, this is only possible within the Pro plan. If you are already in the Pro plan, simply contact one of our representatives via the chat function or by phone. We will send you a form by e-mail, which you must fill in and return to us.

If you are not yet on the Pro Plan, here is a quick calculation example:

  • You are in the Standard Plan for 69€ and have a daily budget of 40€, so 1200€ per month. In total, you pay 1269€ per month.

  • You are on the Pro plan for 199€ and also have a daily budget of 40€, i.e. 1200€ per month, but you also receive a 20% discount on your advertising costs. In this case 240€. In total you pay 1159€ per month BUT you are in the Pro-Plan. 

Besides the CSS programme, the Pro-Plan offers you:

  • more price comparison data

  • more frequent data collection

  • better support through a Success Manager and Tech Support

  • Dynamic Repricing

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